Welcome to the Global Investment Letter website,

jon bairdSuccessful investment has never been an easy task, and it has grown more difficult in the 21st century. The global geopolitical environment is more challenging now than at any time since the Second World War. The issues that produced the Crisis of 2008, such as sky-high debt levels, were never properly addressed and lurk in the shadows to reassert themselves again. The coming years will see dramatic developments in geopolitics and global markets, which will produce significant threats and opportunities for those involved with the capital markets. Thoughtful, independent analysis and opinion has never been more essential.

I created the Global Investment Letter in response to this need. Successful investors make their own decisions based on quality information and opinion.  In my previous, over a 25-year, career as a money manager (managing primarily international/global equity mutual funds), I subscribed to services and newsletters from a variety of sources.  The factual information provided was essential input to my decision making. The opinions offered provided food for thought, especially if I disagreed with them!  My attitude is that just one good idea a year is worth many times the subscription price of a high-quality journal.

During my career, I managed three different #1 ranked funds, most recently in 2010 when I won a Lipper Award for the best global equity fund in Canada.   The same curiosity about the world that attracted me to money management in the first place certainly aided my investment decisions.  A good investor should have a practical knowledge of a range of disciplines, including economics, psychology, geopolitics and history. Gaining this knowledge and keeping current requires considerable experience and time.  A high-quality source of independent analysis and opinion can make the process more efficient and lead to better-informed decisions.

The Global Investment Letter is a monthly journal that comments on capital markets around the world. Geopolitical trends are examined and their potential impact on markets is discussed. In addition, articles on various other topics that may aid an investor, such as investment philosophy, book reviews etc., are included periodically.   An effort is made to keep jargon to a minimum.

I invite you to review the sample issues and complimentary articles available on the website and then subscribe to the Global Investment Letter.  Global markets in the years ahead will be challenging to navigate.  Neither the markets nor the Global Investment Letter will be dull!