“Jonathan is an insightful and talented investor, with whom I had the good fortune and pleasure of working early in our careers. I continue to appreciate his unique insights and opinions. His depth and breath of knowledge and his keen interest in not only markets, but a broad range of topics including world affairs, philosophy and the human condition never ceases to impress me. A refreshing voice in the world of investing…”

Peter Chin, CFA, Vice President, Equities Lincluden Investment Management

“I have known Jonathan for more than 27 years and in that time I have seen the extensive knowledge he has demonstrated with regards to financial markets. Not only does he have excellent insight and analysis of markets, he is able to see the wider geo-political environment in which financial markets have to function. He is therefore able to comment on, and analyse, the broader repercussions as global politics and economics change. His analysis, views and comments are essential reading for anyone wishing to understand the complex financial world we now inhabit.”

David Lyons, JPS Purchasing Services

“Jonathan is an astute observer and student of financial markets. He has an ability to see opportunities ahead of the crowd and to take positions contrary to accepted wisdom. Well worth listening to his logic and opinions.”

Joe Evershed, Global Equity Portfolio Manager, EA Management CFA Institute

“Jonathan has a very deep understanding of the market. I have always valued his opinions on stock picking and the market in general. He has an extremely well thought-out view of the world.”

Brian Clouse, Hydra Capital Partners

“Jonathan is an excellent Portfolio Manager. He has one of the smartest investment minds in the business.”

Robert Mulligan, Investment Professional and Educator

“My congratulations to Jonathan Baird on the launch of his Global Investment Letter…

We live in an interconnected world that challenges all investors whether they are institutions, endowments, family offices or individual investors. A myriad of confounding global factors make up the puzzle that includes geopolitics, climate change and technology, along with market factors such as coordinated central bank policies, interest rates, competitive devaluations, inflation, deflation, renewed volatility and all the influences that drive currencies, stock and bond markets, commodities, and derivatives.

I worked with Jonathan in the early 1990’s at Dynamic Fund Management where he very successfully managed the Dynamic Canadian Growth Fund and the Dynamic Fund of Canada. He is renowned for his good investment work.

Now, we are fortunate that he is sharing his global intelligence and investment acumen in his Global Investment Letter. Jonathan’s monthly insights provide an excellent way for investors to get a fix on global market trends and, in my opinion, his Global investment Letter is a MUST READ.”

John Budden, Former President and CEO of Dynamic Fund Management and Director of Goodman & Company

“Jonathan has always maintained a keen interest in the markets both on a current basis as well as from an historical perspective. He has been involved with markets for over 3 decades and has seen a broad range of market environments, including several market crashes. This long history makes him knowledgeable, well tested and better prepared for whatever market have in store for the future.”

Terry Bacinello, President at BonaVista Asset Management